T.H.E.M. International

DeKALB is a tremendous company. I have great respect for their management and the utmost respect for Rick Walters, who’s always accessible. Their team is extremely easy to work.

Sauder Manufacturing

DeKALB is a professional company with excellent customer service. Whenever we need parts expedited, they do everything they can to accommodate our request.

Signature Fencing & Flooring

DeKALB is top notch. They’re a well-run, customer service driven organization with a hard working group of people who respond well to pressure. DeKALB sets the bar for everyone else.

PolyFlex Products Inc.

Gary Blackford, Program Manager, stated his appreciation for DeKALB regarding the new project launch and also the efforts made to ensure a short-notice meeting requested by the toolshop was organized.


We understand how hard you work for us and all of your customers. Our relationship with the people at DeKALB has been a consistently positive experience.


I would like to say a big “Thank You” for all the cooperation, assistance and hospitality extended during Mr. Takeda’s and my visit to your facilities….We look forward to a close and fruitful business relationship in the not distant future.


We are very complimentary of DeKALB on communication and bringing part over to plant for review as soon as discovered. Our customer is very pleased with our performance ever since the decision was made to bring tools to DeKALB and appreciate everything we do for them.


You guys watch Nocturne and are always prepared and keep us covered for our shipment needs.


Follett's and DeKALB Molded Plastics have been working together since the spring of 2002 (13 years). Since that time, DeKALB has supplied Follett with high quality cost effective molded components with a high level of service and quality.