DeKALB Molded Plastics prides itself on the ability to offer complete custom molding solutions for your structural plastic molded products. From engineering design support assistance, to full concept project management, our resources can effectively manage your needs. We proudly offer the following plastic manufacturing processes:

Structural Foam Process

The structural foam process allows production of rigid plastic products which have a cellular foamed core surrounded by an outer skin forming a total integral structure. Products molded with the structural foam process have a high strength to weight ratio and are 3 to 4 times more rigid than solid parts of the same weight.

Gas Assist Molding

The gas assist molding process utilizes nitrogen to hollow out large, thick, wall sections. The gas does not mix with the resin, but instead forms continuous channels through the hotter, less viscous, sections of the melt stream. This allows molding of thick wall sections without sink marks and without the characteristic swirl appearance of structural foam.

Molded Processes

  • Multi-nozzle Structural Foam
  • Single-nozzle Structural Foam
  • Gas Assist Molding
  • Gas Counter Pressure
  • Structural Web