How strong is structural foam?

First of all, structural foam is a process, not a specific material. In general, structural foam increases the compressive strength and flexural modulus versus solid plastic. Impact strength and tensile strength can have a slight reduction.

How thick can you produce your parts?

Thickness ranges from 3/16” to 3/8” (4.7mm to 10mm). We can go thicker, but usually find it to be more cost effective to add strength with ribbing rather than thicker sections of plastic.

How large of a part can you produce?

Dimensionally, we can produce parts up to 4’ x 8’ and 30” deep. We have machines that hold 150 lbs of plastic, so we can produce some very large parts.

2nd Shift Maintenance Technician

Position Title: 2nd Shift Maintenance Technician Report To: Maintenance Supervisor Major Functions: This position is responsible to perform daily activities that support the maintenance coverage of various operations throughout the plant.  Actions will range from those of a preventative to a proactive nature to emergency repair and corrective action.  Support of production departments, both molding […]

Molding Supervisor

Position Title: Molding Supervisor Report To: Director of Operations Major Functions: This position is responsible for providing supervisory support to the molding operation. This position reports to the Molding General Supervisor or designee and is responsible for leading and managing daily production in our molding department. Though schedules do not change frequently, flexibility with scheduling/shifts […]

Molding Set-Up (B) Technician

Position Title: Molding Set-Up (B) Technician Report To: Set-Up Supervisor Major Functions: The Setup (B) Technician is responsible to carry out tasks that are assigned by the Set-Up Supervisor. This person may at times work alone however the majority of time will be spent working as a team to perform all aspects of mold changeovers.  […]