The medical industry demands a foundation of quality material, expert engineering, and operational excellence. At DeKALB Molded Plastics, we pride ourselves on our materials meeting a high quality standard. We specialize in building structures that are safe and durable, effectively serving the medical community with reliable performing applications.

Our low pressure injection molding process focuses on structural foam molding. A chemical blowing agent is used to create a solid cellular structure, consequently reducing weight and cost. The result is an application that maintains a strength-to-weight ratio similar to metal.

Products and segments we have successfully developed for our customers include:

  • Ultra sound and densitometers to measure bone density
  • Renal care with kidney dialysis equipment
  • MRI helmets to process images of the brain
  • Hematology for blood analyzers
  • Electrical medical beds

We also specialize in gas assist molding, where nitrogen gas is used to hollow out thicker sections of application geometry to deliver faster cycles (again reducing weight and cost). After more than 30 years in the business, our development processes have been perfected through dedication to industry demands.