More than a Molder: How DeKALB’s Value-Added Services Can Elevate Your Project

There’s a lot to think about when managing a project in the plastics industry. Navigating through the various stages of the manufacturing process, from part design and material selection to quality assurance and packaging, can be daunting, leaving one feeling easily overwhelmed. That’s where DeKALB steps in.

More than just a molder for your structural foam and gas-assist molding needs, DeKALB offers a comprehensive range of value-added services to meet your needs from start to finish. Whether you require a single product or a multi-operation program, we provide a one-stop shop for all your plastic and assembly requirements, from painting and assembly to kitting and inventory management. And with a focus on continually exceeding customer expectations, our customer support is the ultimate value-added service.

Our Value-Added Capabilities

At DeKALB, one of the most requested value-added services is finishing and decorating a customer’s molded product.  Looking to add color to your parts? We offer a comprehensive list of painting capabilities, utilizing water-borne, and urethane-based painting systems with complete masking capabilities. We can meet your specifications with precise color matching and textured finishes.  We offer specialized services such as EMI/RFI shielding, two-tone color capability, and custom hand-masking solutions.

Many find value in decorating their molded or painted products by adding a logo or accent design feature.  DeKALB’s services include hot stamping and silk screening.  Whether it be a single stamp or multi-color graphic, DeKALB can provide a solution.

Our assembly capabilities include sonic and induction welding, insert, enclosure and component assembly, adhesive bonding-adherents and adhesives, emabonding, non-adhesive, fusion, and solvent bonding. We also offer mechanical joining using rivets, metal screws, and hinges.

Does your molded product need customization? Our fabrication capabilities include cutting shapes and angles, assembly, bonding, welding, inserting, routering, and drilling.

For kitting, we offer complete packaging solutions and customized packaging alternatives, providing our customers with specialty packaging, bulk packaging, consumer-ready packaging, and custom labels and decals.  With this service, we offer the full manufacturing package, and ship right to your assembly line, distribution facility, or customers’ door.

Our numerous options open up a world of possibilities for your project.  When we say we can handle your job from start to finish, we mean it!

In addition, our inventory management solutions can reduce your workload and increase the efficiency of your supply chain. DeKALB sources all the materials and components needed to meet your requirements, and our industry expertise ensures you’ll always receive the highest quality product at the best price.

The Most Valuable Service of All: Customer Service

Customers are at the heart of everything we do at DeKALB. We foster strong relationships based on trust and the confidence that we’ll always go the extra mile to provide solutions for our customers. Our commitment to our customers is shown not just through the added services we offer, but also through our engineered design support expertise, material selection recommendations, modern methods of quality assurance, and a continuous improvement mindset from every one of our team members. With a genuine focus on exceeding customer expectations, we believe our customer service is the most important value-added service of all.

Experience the DeKALB Difference

From painting to packaging services, we have the value-added services necessary to take your project to the next level. But our leadership in the structural plastics industry is defined by more than just our broad service offerings. By providing exceptional customer service in every facet of our operations – including our engineering services, vast material selection, and rigorous quality processes – we provide our customers with a seamless experience that sets us apart from the competition. Are you ready to experience what sets DeKALB apart from the rest? Contact us today!