DeKALB unveils new look while supporting same commitment

Written By Teresa Schell

Strategic Marketing Partners, LLC

At DeKALB Molded Plastics, there is no such thing as standing still. If you're not moving forward, you're falling behind. Best practices and continuous improvement are in a state of perpetual motion.

DeKALB is pleased to share with you their new brand! After much research, serious analysis and consideration, DeKALB made a decision on a new look and image for the organization. While the look is new, DeKALB’s commitment as a world-class supplier of structural plastic parts remains the same.

The branding project was launched for three main reasons. First, DeKALB recognized the need to update their look and image. The current logo was designed 30 years ago, dating the company in its red, white and blue colors. The new green logo more accurately represents the company’s steadfastness to recyclability where some products are produced with 100% recyclable material; designating DeKALB as an environmentally responsible structural plastics supplier. Additionally, the ‘wedge’ points in a direction of forward trajectory as the company enters a new stage of success. Secondly, DeKALB strives to incorporate alignment with their new tagline “Committed to Your Solutions” as the company’s effort and dedication to addressing customers’ challenges. The adopted new tagline was a result of profiling the marketplace with the use of an internal/external SWOT analysis. Overwhelming comments from customers indicated that DeKALB ‘goes the extra mile’, “DeKALB is a reliable supplier’, and ‘DeKALB goes to great lengths to ensure our product needs are met’. And finally, DeKALB wanted to establish a comprehensive, coordinated approach to the deployment of the new branding efforts through additional media channels, including the website, with a continuous message.

DeKALB Molded Plastics is adopting this new logo and brand to more accurately reflect feedback from the DeKALB employees and customers surveyed; who described DeKALB as efficient, compassionate and experienced. Embracing this new brand, DeKALB’s message is to encapsulate not only the capabilities of the company but the level of commitment engaged in every professional relationship.

As recently quoted in Plastics Business magazine as the cover-featured article, President, Rick Walters believes in establishing a personal, emotional connection that speaks integrity and genuine respect for the customer’s needs because the customer finds value in that attitude. The marketing message and brand identity reflects that core value.

If you’re fortunate enough to work with DeKALB Molded Plastics as a customer, vendor or business associate, consider yourself a part of a culture that welcomes new ideas and procedures to support the growth of the company. DeKALB won't rest on past accomplishments; they’re committed to overcoming inconveniences and serving with dedication now and in the future.

Dekalb Logo - Old to New