DeKALB Molded Plastics Receives Indiana Companies to Watch Award

Indianapolis, IN – DeKALB Molded Plastics of Butler, IN was one of forty-three companies from around the state to be honored at the fourth annual Indiana Companies to Watch.  President, Rick Walters received the award at the celebration banquet held on Thursday, August 25, 2011.

The award highlights second-stage companies (defined as companies that have grown past the startup stage but have not grown to maturity) and their contributions to creating a stable US economy.  The focus not only signifies steady growth, but job creation and innovation.  DeKALB employed 55 teammates in 2010 and 91 is expected by the end of 2011.  The application process is rigorous, including a holistic balance of employee culture, community involvement and commitment to technology in addition to stable revenues.  DeKALB recently was recognized as the 2010 PlasticsNews Excellence Award winner for similar features.

Companies to Watch is intended to seek out businesses from a wide range of industries representing all regions of the state.  DeKALB Molded Plastics was one of nine manufacturers, however the only manufacturer of plastics, more specifically structural foam injection molding.  Additional business categories include information technology, educational services, healthcare, etc.  Awardees are selected by a panel of judges summoned by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, Purdue University and the Edward Lowe Foundation. 

DeKALB Molded Plastics acknowledges the devotion to lean continuous improvements in the development of a strategic plan that has driven the company through the recession and for the years to come as well as marketing efforts that establish DeKALB as a unique structural foam manufacturer.