Monthly Archives: October 2013

DeKALB is kicking off our annual United Way campaign

It’s that time of year again.


DeKALB is kicking off our annual United Way campaign. Our goal for this year is $14,500, which shouldn’t be a problem since last year we exceed our goal by $4000!! This is a big event that typically results in 100% employee participation. We have games and weekly fund raisers throughout the campaign to help raise money and then wrap it up with a lunch to celebrate our success. This is a great opportunity for our employees to have fun while supporting our community.

DeKALB Molded Plastics attending MAPP 2013

The DeKALB team is looking forward to attending the 2013 MAPP Benchmarking Conference. Meet two of our newer employees who will be attending the conference for the first time by watching this video. We are excited to see our friends and colleagues next week!

What is structural foam molding?


Structural foam molding is a process in which we use similar thermoplastics but you use blowing agents and you use colorants, and the blowing agents allow you to expand the material into the mold at a much lower pressure than you would on a high injection pressure system. What that does that gives you very good structural strength, it gives you the ability to save between 15-20% of your thermoplastic materials, it gives you the ability to make larger parts of that structural condition that you may not be able to do within a high pressure injection molding process.