Community Improvement

Being a part of our community is a core value of DeKALB. We care deeply about DeKALB County and the support we receive from the community which is why we find it so valuable to give support back. We participate in numerous DeKALB County events from Butler Days, to Shop with a Cop, to sponsoring the local 5k run.

United Way

DeKALB is proud to be a part of the United Way. With one team member on the board, DeKALB excitedly participates in a Day of Caring, Each June, communities around the world come together to harness the volunteer spirit and improve the conditions in which they live.

Over 20 teammates from DeKALB Molded Plastics formed 3-4 teams and helped homeowners complete various projects for the benefit of an improved community for which we live.

The DeKALB Way in the Community

At DeKALB, we believe in our coaching philosophy that was developed to spend more time acknowledging, appreciating and thanking our employees for the good things they do every day. Our goal is to have four positives interactions to every one negative one. From training, to putting the mold in, to getting a process and turning it over to an operator, the key is throughout the program is to be right the first time.

After finding our way to be successful in-house, we wanted to translate this into the DeKalb community, by showing our support of individuals who are doing things right to help make our community great.

Continuous Improvement Image 2 by DeKALB PlasticsOne way we demonstrate our appreciation for our community is through the sponsorship of an annual recognition dinner. Each year, members of the DeKalb police department and fire department are appreciated and honored for all of the hard work they do for us throughout the year.


Continuous Improvement Image 3 by DeKALB Plastics