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Structural Foam Plastics Molding

What we offer at DeKALB

Structural Foam

Structural foam plastic is a low pressure or standard injection molding process where the plastic melt is foamed with nitrogen gas, a chemical blowing agent, or a combo of the two.

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Structural Plastics

Structural foam molding plastics can replace wood, metal, concrete, fiber glass, rotational molding and blow molding in a variety of structural foam applications with significantly reduction in cost and increases in productivity. Parts may weigh up to several hundred pounds.

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Gas Assist

Gas assist molding is a low pressure process where a nitrogen gas is injected into the plastic part in certain areas to hollow out the part. The nitrogen gas does not mix with the resin, but instead forms continuous channel through the hotter less viscous sections of the melt stream.

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Market Solutions

With each project comes new challenges and with DeKALB's streamlined structural foam processes, we are able to achieve goals, solve problems, and create quality, long-lasting products. We produce durable parts such as:

Specialty Material Handling

A traditional segment supported by structural foam manufacturing is Material Handling. We have great expertise developing and manufacturing applications that support this segment. However, DeKALB Molded Plastics has evolved and broadened our value proposition to also manufacture applications that support higher value materials. We define Specialty Material Handling as “Applications that contain, enclose, protect & house items of value like food products, medical components, textiles and other valuable consumer & industrial items.”

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Medical Housings & Enclosures

All manufacturers in the healthcare supply chain must provide the greatest value for the lowest cost to be sustainable. We recognize the demands of the industry and are prepared to respond. We have developed an expertise in manufacturing medical housings & enclosures. We define this as “Applications used to contain, support and protect diagnostic, electro and other related medical equipment.”

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Safety Products & Devices

The world of transportation, traffic safety & construction is a dangerous place but, DeKalb strives to make it safer with our Safety Products & Devices. We are forerunners in creating innovative safety technologies so travelers can have fewer worries and safer trips.

We define Safety Products & Devices as "Applications that help protect and prevent individuals and property from harm, damage, abuse or other material problems."

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